CloudAPI Documentation

CloudAPI is the public API for it allows end users of the cloud to manage their accounts, instances, networks, images, and to inquire about other relevant details.

Triton CloudAPI CLI Commands

triton Command
triton instance tag set
Allows you to add additional tags, other than those set at provisioning time.
Add role tags to CloudAPI resources.
triton fwrule create
Add a new firewall rule.
triton image create
Create a new custom image from an instance.
triton key add
Uploads a new OpenSSH key to Triton.
triton instance create
Allows you to provision an instance.
triton instance snapshot create
Allows you to take a snapshot of an instance.
triton fwrule delete
Removes a given firewall rule.
triton image delete
Delete a private image.
triton key delete
Deletes an SSH key by name.
triton instance delete
Allows you to completely destroy an instance.
Deletes a single metadata key from this instance.
triton instance snapshot delete
Deletes the specified snapshot of an instance.
triton instance tag delete
Deletes a single tag from this instance.
triton fwrule disable
Disable an enabled firewall rule.
triton instance disable-firewall
Completely disable the firewall on an instance.
triton fwrule enable
Enable a disabled firewall rule.
triton instance enable-firewall
Enable the firewall on an instance.
Export an image to Manta.
Administer fabric networks and VLANs.
triton account get
Gets details about your account.
triton fwrule get
Get details about a specific firewall rule.
triton image get
Gets an individual image by id.
triton key get
Retrieves an individual key record.
triton instance get
Gets the details for an individual instance.
triton instance audit
Get a historical list of actions performed on an instance.
Returns the complete set of metadata associated with this instance.
triton instance snapshot get
Gets the state of the named snapshot.
triton instance tag get
Returns the value for a single tag on this instance.
triton network get
Gets a network by the given id.
triton package get
Gets a package by name.
List of role-tags assigned to a given resource.
triton datacenters
Provides a list of all datacenters this cloud is aware of.
triton fwrule list
List all firewall rules applying to this account.
triton image list
Provides a list of images available in this datacenter.
triton key list
Lists all public keys we have on record for the specified account.
triton instance fwrules list
List firewall rules applying to a specific instance.
triton instance list
Lists all instances on an account.
triton instance snapshot list
Lists all snapshots taken for a given instance.
triton instance tag list
Returns the complete set of tags associated with this instance.
triton network list
Provides a list of networks available to the user in this datacenter.
triton package list
Provides a list of packages available in this datacenter.
List, add and remove NICs attached to an instance.
Add, list, update and remove policies.
triton instance reboot
Allows you to 'reboot' an instance.
Rename an instance.
triton instance tag replace-all
Replace all tags on an instance.
Allows you to resize a container.
Add, list, update and remove roles.
triton instance start
Allows you to boot up an instance.
triton instance start
Starts a stopped instance from the referenced snapshot.
triton instance stop
Allows you to shut down an instance.
triton account update
Change details of the current account.
triton fwrule update
Change a firewall rule.
Update metadata about an image.
Allows you to update the metadata for a given instance.
Add, update and remove account users and their keys.
trion image clone
Clone a shared image.
triton image copy
Copy an image into another DC.
triton info
Print an account summary.
triton instance ip
Print the primary IP of the given instance.
triton instance ssh
SSH to the primary IP of an instance.
triton instance wait
Wait on instances changing state.
triton profile
List, get, create and update Triton CLI profiles.
triton services
List available service endpoints for the datacenter.