CloudAPI Documentation
CloudAPI is the public API for it allows end users of the cloud to manage their accounts, instances, networks, images, and to inquire about other relevant details.

Triton CloudAPI CLI Commands

triton Command
triton instance tag set
Allows you to add additional tags, other than those set at provisioning time.
Add role tags to CloudAPI resources.
triton fwrule create
Add a new firewall rule.
triton image create
Create a new custom image from an instance.
triton key add
Uploads a new OpenSSH key to Triton.
triton instance create
Allows you to provision an instance.
triton instance snapshot create
Allows you to take a snapshot of an instance.
triton fwrule delete
Removes a given firewall rule.
triton image delete
Delete a private image.
triton key delete
Deletes an SSH key by name.
triton instance delete
Allows you to completely destroy an instance.
Deletes a single metadata key from this instance.
triton instance snapshot delete
Deletes the specified snapshot of an instance.
triton instance tag delete
Deletes a single tag from this instance.
triton fwrule disable
Disable an enabled firewall rule.
triton instance disable-firewall
Completely disable the firewall on an instance.
triton fwrule enable
Enable a disabled firewall rule.
triton instance enable-firewall
Enable the firewall on an instance.
Export an image to Manta.