Using the VNC console

When running KVM or BHYVE based compute instances you can access the VNC console

Getting access to the console

To gain access to the console, you must have the Triton CLI tools installed. Configure the environmental variables. As an example:

$ export SDC_ACCOUNT="<your username>";
$ export SDC_KEY_ID="<your SSH key ID (XX:XX:XX:XX...)";
$ export SDC_URL="";

Login to the portal and these are generated for you at

Next, use the triton CLI to establish a VNC proxy session

Using triton-cli to establish a VNC session
$ triton inst ls
SHORTID   NAME          IMG                  STATE    FLAGS  AGE
dec9179d  mnx-test-vnc  centos-8@20200528    running  K      19w
1928324a  mnx-webserve  freebsd-12@20190424  running  K      18w

$ triton inst vnc dec9179d
Listening on vnc://

Now, use your VNC program to connect to the listening address and you will have access to the console.

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